SR-XC5000 16.4-foot (5m) Male to Female 3-Pin XLR Microphone Cable for Studio and Broadcast

SR-XC5000 16.4-foot (5m) Male to Female 3-Pin XLR Microphone Cable for Studio and Broadcast

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The Saramonic SR-XC5000 is 16.4-foot (5m) Male to Female 3-Pin XLR Premium Microphone Cable. Designed for professional use in Film Sound, Broadcast, Live Sound and Studio Recording

Extremely Rugged, but Flexible and Lightweight
Made with high-quality cable and connectors, the SR-XC5000 is built for the rugged world of run-and-gun video production and demanding live and studio applications. It provides maximum durability and performance, while still being extraordinarily lightweight and flexible. Meaning it won’t weigh you down, while still fitting in the tightest mixer bags, live rigs or studio configurations.

Low Noise and Excellent Electronic Noise Rejection
The SR-XC5000’s cable is constructed with internal spiral wound copper shielding and twin conductive PVC inner shields. Providing excellent RFI and EMI noise rejection and delivering ultra-low noise performance. You can be sure that the SR-XC5000 will sound great every time and protect your audio from a noisy world.

Ideal Solution for a Remarkable Price
At 16.4-foot (5m) in length, the SR-XC5000 is ideal for numerous Studio, ENG, Live Sound, Film Sound and Field Recording applications. A perfect length for Boom Pole use, long cable runs in Recording Studios and Live Venues, and so much more.

  • Highly Flexible and Lightweight, yet Extremely Rugged Cable
  • High-Quality Cable and Connectors for Maximum Durability and Performance
  • 16.4-foot (5m) length is ideal for Boom Pole use, Live Sound and numerous Studio Recording Applications
  • Excellent RFI and EMI Noise Rejection and Ultra-Low Noise 
  • Spiral Wound Copper Shielding with Twin Conductive PVC Inner Shields

Connector 1: Female 3-Pin XLR
Connector 2: Male 3-Pin XLR
Length: 16.4-foot (5m)
Weight: 8.7oz (248g)

1 x SR-XC5000 16.4-foot (5m) Male to Female 3-pin XLR Cable