Essential Communication Toolkits for
Working from Home

Created for the new #WFH and #OOO reality; our kits help make teleconferencing, videoconferencing, VOIP and even regular calls clearer, easier and more productive.

So here we are, in our kitchen, living room or camped out in our bedroom.

The dog is barking. The kids are playing. Someone is vacuuming. The neighbors are having a dance party.

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers are not ideally equipped for the current work from home reality we are dealing with. It’s tough to communicate clearly with all the home life sounds going on around us. Add in multiple co-workers all talking at once from their own home environment combined with all their life sounds and it is a recipe for frustration and inefficiency. And how are we supposed to present or take notes while our mobile phone or tablet keeps falling over?

It can get maddening. We can help.

An ideal set of communication essentials for Individuals who #WFH.

Perfect for:
Students and Teachers
Home Schoolers